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About Me

Hi, I'm Kristina and I'm a graphic designer living in Portland, Oregon. For the past five years I worked as a production designer at Smart Meetings Magazine  where I was part of a fantastic production team that helped win our magazine two Maggie awards last year. In addition, I also provided much of the marketing graphics for the company, both in print and digital.

For me, design combines the joy of creating something beautiful while solving a puzzle. It's about putting elements together in the most pleasing yet efficient way.

It excites my brain. It ignites my soul. 

I love design that is minimal but fun.

I love when my work makes a difference in someone's life.

I love being able to use my passion to help someone drive their business.

Besides design, I also enjoy photography, ceramics and a capella singing.

Recently, I left the awesome but expensive San Francisco Bay area and moved to beautiful Portland with my husband, toddler and cat to start a new adventure and hopefully find the place to raise our family. I am available for hire and would love to share my passion with you. Feel free to check out my resume or send me an email.


2016 Folio: Ozzie Awards

Smart Meetings B-to-B Supplemental Annual

Culinary Guide to the Midwest

2016 Folio: Ozzie Awards

Smart Meetings Media Kit

2016 Folio: Eddie Awards

Smart Meetings Series of Articles

Special Report: Women Rising Up


2015 Maggie Award 

Smart Meetings Best Magazine under 50,000 circ

2015 Maggie Award 

Smart Meetings Best Newsletter

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